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October 2021 | WinstonJanice

Is Carat A Weight Or A Size?


A “carat” is a weight measurement, meaning one fifth (1/5) of one gram. So, if a moissanite weighs one carat, it weighs .20 grams. However, that doesn’t really help you in terms of seeing how big it looks. That’s because a moissanite can carry weight in its height or depth, instead of spread across its diameter.


Does Carat Affect Moissanite Size?


Generally speaking, yes, but it’s not that simple. While a 3 carat moissanite will, obviously, look larger than a .50 ct moissanite – the same is not necessarily true for a .90 ct and a 1.10 ct. So, it is incredibly important to look at a moissanite’s measurements as part of your moissanite search! You may find a well-proportioned .97 ct moissanite that is not only bigger than a 1.00 ct, but is also less expensive! This is particularly common in fancy cut (non-Round) moissanite, because their facet patterns are less specific.


What Size Is 1 Carat Moissanite?


A 1 carat Round moissanite should measure around 6.5 mm. However, the millimeter diameter of a one-carat moissanite will depend upon its shape and how well it is cut. For example, check out the HUGE difference in millimeter sizes of these one-carat moissanites! From 6.11 mm all the way up to 6.53 mm! This wide variety of size occurs because some moissanites are cut more deeply than others, causing carat weight to hide in the moissanite’s bottom. When this happens, a 1 carat Round can look closer to a .90 ct! No one wants that. This is one reason an “ideally” cut Round moissanite should have a depth percentage of less than 62%. That way, you make sure your moissanite faces up the appropriate size!


How Does Moissanite Shape Affect Carat Size?


Some moissanite shapes look bigger than other shapes, even though they’re the same carat weight! This is because slender shapes, like Oval and Marquise, not only have the same depth percentages as Rounds, but also have all that extra length! So, choosing an Oval or Marquise is a quick way to get a bigger look for less money.


Round 1 carat; Oval 1 carat; Pear 1 carat

Likewise, some moissanite shapes look smaller than others. For example, many square shapes, like Cushion and Princess, are cut with much deeper depth percentages. So, these moissanite shapes appear smaller than comparable Rounds.


Round 1 carat moissanite; Princess 1 carat moissanite; Cushion 1 carat moissanite


How Do You Determine Carat Size?


Put it on a jeweler’s scale. Loose moissanites are best measured by a special jeweler’s scale. These special scales work in carats for gemstones and “pennyweight” (abbreviated, confusingly, as “dwt”) for metals. For moissanites and gemstones that are already set into jewelry, jewelers and appraisers estimate carat weight by taking diameter measurements.


Do Moissanites Weight The Same As Diamonds?


Nope. Moissanite weighs about 10% less than Diamond. This is why we list our Moissanite by “diamond equivalent” size – so you get the size you really want!


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